Safety inMaastricht

Polarization and radicalization

Ideological groups or movements that are radicalized to an extent such that their actions and/or statements cause social tension. They form a potential or real threat to the safety and perception of security of the public. These groups increase the polarization of society.

The Municipality of Maastricht was confronted with six persons who left to join IS in Syria in 2014. This resulted in ‘tackling radicalization’ being placed high on the local agenda. During the past years, the Province has invested in expertise development (800 persons) and the development of networks to strengthen the municipalities’ information position, as well as in the formation of local and Provincial work groups to address the casuistry and the organization of local radicalization reporting and advisory centres. In 2016-2017, local priority was assigned to the organization of a local infrastructure for the repressive approach.

The local Maastricht-Heuvelland casuistry consultations have been placed under the Maastricht-Heuvelland Safety Partnership, the members of which, the municipality, police, Public Prosecution Service, Probation Service, and Youth Care Office, hold consultations every three weeks to discuss new reports and current casuistry issues.