Safety inMaastricht

Conclusions, young people, and safety

Professionals confirm the indications that young people nuisance and crime have not increased. However, there are concerns about the online and social media behaviour of young people.

Any criminal or deviant behaviour of young people needs to be identified at an early stage to ensure that timely interventions can be made to prevent young people from choosing a criminal life. Cooperation between the various partners in this field is then essential. A number of at-risk young people have been identified in Maastricht for which a timely, integral, and comprehensive approach.

Periodic Network consultations on at-risk young people are organized under the management of the Safety Partnership. These consultations are held with the objective of preventing specific young people from causing nuisance or repetitive nuisance, or from dropping out of society, by guiding them to coordinated voluntary help. These Network consultations on at-risk young people address screened and selected police reports relating to young people at risk. As from 2018, preventive plans of approach are also drawn up via the Network consultations for tackling potential and existing groups of at-risk young people. Cases that involve young people nuisance or serious nuisance, criminality, or dropping out of society, or involve complex multiple problems or the stagnation of cooperation between the network partners are scaled up to a person-oriented approach under the management of the Safety Partnership (prioritization of young people).

The Citydeal Zorg voor Veiligheid in de Stad (city deal for ensuring for safety in the city) plan of approach, in conclusion, focuses on young people who are at threat of joining the met de focus op untouchables/Top X. A method is being developed within the Maastricht experiment to target the reduction of the networks of young foot soldiers around the untouchables and the timely identification of young people who are or are at threat of joining these networks. This experiment, being carried out under the management of the Safety Partnership, is working towards a broader approach together with the existing and, as required, new cooperating partners. A study is also being carried out to determine the best method for tracking perceptions of security in the neighbourhoods, which requires customized solutions.

It has, with respect to the ‘safe schools’ theme, been agreed that audits will be conducted once every two years. The schools can call on support from the HALT prevention and control of juvenile crime organization if so required. As the added value of cooperation in safety is becoming more and more apparent, the MosaLira foundation for learning, education and upbringing has proposed that a form of Healthy and Safe School certification be introduced for primary schools. The Municipality of Maastricht welcomes this initiative and is reviewing whether the current covenant could serve as a basis for its implementation.

The covenant group has expressed the wish to take joint action against the use of and trafficking in drugs in and around schools.