Safety inMaastricht

Safe business parks

Safety on business parks relates to social insecurity, such as business break-ins, and to physical insecurity as determined by the layout and maintenance of the grounds.

Police figures
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 jan-jun
Theft from or break-ins of businesses and offices 303 213 163 132 147 130 113 50 33
Theft from or break-ins of businesses and institutions 179 127 54 36 44 33 28 18 12

Insecurity in business parks has both social and physical aspects, namely business break-ins, theft, robberies, and vandalism on the one hand, and the layout and maintenance of the sites, road safety, and fire safety on the other.

Maastricht has a number of larger business parks, namely Maastricht-Zuid, Beatrixhaven, Bosscherveld, Randwyck-Zuid and Scharn-Noord, as well as a number of smaller parks distributed through the city and close to residential areas. Business park associations active on the business parks are members of the Samenwerkende Industrieterreinen Maastricht (SIM, cooperating industrial estates in Maastricht).

Business park security is one of the issues that receives the SIM’s attention.